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During excavations at the rear of Tudor Cottage, Weir Road, Kibworth Beauchamp in 1954 the skull, atlas, the top vertebrae which supports the skull, and metatarsal, the long bone in the foot, of a large Ox was uncovered.  Oxen were a large horned mammal that once roamed in herds across Europe including the United Kingdom but became extinct in these areas.

The find resulted in Leicester University organising archaeological excavation of the site.

Archaeologists recovered the skull, vertebrae and parts of the pelvis and limbs and these items have been preserved in the Leicester Museum

From the bones recovered it was deduced that the Ox was the largest to be found in Leicestershire. The measurement between the horns was 96 centimetres (38 inches). An unusual feature about the remains was that it was buried in an upright position indicating that the mammal had been trapped in soft ground and had died standing up. The Archaeologists estimated that the mammal died over 5,000 years ago.

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