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4500BC - 43AD

Manor House has medieval origins and is a Grade II listed building. Originally a peasant house in the 14th century, it became the Bailiff’s house in the 15th and 16th centuries. After that it was a yeoman farmer’s house however it has never been a Manorial House. Adam Brown, a merchant of considerable standing, lived in the house which later became known as Manor House although it is shown in Merton College archives as ‘Brown’s  Place’ no doubt because Adam Brown and his family lived there during the 14th and 15th centuries.  Dendrochronological investigation when the Story of England TV…
Beaker Burial Ground Smeeton Westerby
Who Were The Beaker People? The Bell-Beaker culture,  sometimes shortened to Beaker culture, Beaker people, or Beaker folk, c. 2900 – 1800 BC is the term for a widely scattered  archaeological culture' of prehistoric western Europe starting in the late Neolithic or Chalcolithic and running into the early Bronze Age.  They were called Beaker because of the shape of their pottery vessels. The Beaker People were farmers and archers were also the first metalsmiths in Britain, working first in copper and gold, and later in bronze, given its name to the Bronze Age. The Burial Ground. A burial ground of…

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