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Welcome to the historic village of Smeeton Westerby. The village is situated four-tenths of a mile south of the Clock Tower in Kibworth Beauchamp where Smeeton Road leads you past Kibworth High School to Main Street, Smeeton Westerby. Although there are no designated car parks in the village, a few parking places can usually be found in side streets near the start of your walk around the village. The main road through the village is narrow and winding with footpaths mainly only on one side of the road. Please be careful when you need to cross the road where the footpath continues on the opposite side, especially near the curved sections in the road. Smeeton Westerby was originally two separate villages, Smeeton and Westerby. Smeeton was originally known as Simitone but before that Smeeton had an Anglo-Saxon metalworkers’ settlement origin – from ‘smiths tun’. Westerby has Viking origins – from the Old Norse name of Vesterbyr (West Farm) to the west of Smeeton, possibly founded around the 9th century. The full route takes about 1½ hours
Kibworth Harcourt  Kibworth Beauchamp Smeeton Westerby
Smeeton Westerby Trail
You can click on any of the pointers and a pop-up window will appear with a description and images. You can then follow the trail through the village by navigating using the arrows. Clicking on the image will return you to the map.
Using the Online trail
1 Smeeton House START 2 The Elms 3 Corner House, Mill Lane 4 The King’s Head 5 Sub Post Office 6 Springfield Farm 7 Main Street 8 Village Hall 9 Rose Cottage, Debdale Lane 10 Farmhouse 11 Blacksmith’s Lane 12 33 Main Street 13 The Bank 14 62 Main Street 15 Main Street Wall 16 Beaker Close 17 Stattis Fair area 18 53 Main Street 19 63 Main Street 20 Westerby House 21 Smeeton & Westerby border 22 Christ Church 23 Pit Hill Allotments 24 Ivy Cottage, Gumley Road 25 Smeeton Terrace 26 Apple Tree Cottage 27 Highfields 28 Smeeton Farm 29 Rose Cottage 30 Footpath detour 31 Debdale Wharf
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