Jubilee & Olympic Celebrations 2012
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Are proud to present the Kibworth Regatta to coincide with the pageant Her Majesty the Queen is leading down the River Thames on Sunday 3 June 2012. At high water on the afternoon of Sunday 3 June 2012, up to a thousand boats will muster on the River Thames in preparation for Her Majesty the Queen to lead the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. It will be one of the largest flotillas ever assembled on the river. Rowed boats and working boats and pleasure vessels of all shapes and sizes will be beautifully dressed with streamers and Union Jacks, their crews and passengers will be turned out in their finest rigs. The armed forces, fire, police, rescue and other services will all be afloat and there will be an exuberance of historic boats, wooden launches, steam vessels and other boats of note.
Latest Jubilee News
The BBC are sending a video journalist to come and film us painting and preparing the pub for the Diamond Jubilee on Saturday 14th April 10am. As Admiral of the fleet I am asking for volunteers who would like to come along next Saturday and help with making the Coach & Horses look the most resplendent pub in the county. I am also in conversation with ITN who have yet to commit to being with us for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.   We are working on the table plan and will let you know the position of your mooring in the near future.   We will be holding a best fancy dress competition for under 13's - adults - group fancy dress and the best built boat competition. So do your best and get your thinking caps on as to how to make your boat the winner and your nautical themed fancy dress the best.   If you have made a booking for more than one table could I ask that you forward me an email address of the captain of the other mooring's so that I can make sure that everyone is included and updated with new information.   I can also confirm that Edward Garnier QC MP will be opening the weekends events on the Friday night at St Wilfrid's Church where a cheese and wine open evening, for £5.00 per person, to see first hand the flower festival that is being put together by the ladies from St Wilfrid's and members of U3A. To celebrate the Queens 60 years as monarch.   I have great pleasure in also informing you that Michael Wood from Mayavision has accepted my invitation to come and open the Regatta by cracking a bottle of champagne on HMS Coach & Horses.
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Live Music • Bands • Duo's and the EAGA Gospel Choir • Street Entertainment • Food • Best Dressed Boat Table & Fancy Dress Competition • Face Painting • Bouncy Castle • Outside Bar
To help celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee a group of ladies from St Wilfrid’s Church, U3A and landlord Andrew Southerden of the Coach & Horses Kibworth   Have come together to team up with the Kibworth Regatta   The first planning meeting of enthusiastic ladies of church flower rota and U3A as part of Kibworth’s Celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.   The Church will host this festival and various aspects of the Queen’s reign will be depicted in flowers.   The event will run for the 4 days of the bank holiday and highlights will be arrangements suggesting the Coronation, each of the armed forces, each of the UK countries and the Commonwealth, as well as Head of State, the Judiciary and the Church of England.   This will be part of the village wide celebrations which are currently in the planning stage and complement the Kibworth Regatta Street Party on Sunday 3rd June.  
Thought I would bring everyone up to date with the Boat Building Rules. First of all make sure you get as many of your shipmates involved with your boat building ideas.   Categories   Best Built Boat  1st 2nd 3rd Group Fancy Dress  1st 2nd 3rd Adult Fancy Dress  1st 2nd 3rd Over 14's Fancy Dress  1st 2nd 3rd Under 14's Fancy Dress  1st 2nd 3rd   Rules   All tables will be the responsibility of the team captain they will have your table number on them. They do not have a hole in the middle and must not have one at the end of the day.   Boats must not be built more than 2" over the O/D size of the table 6' x 2'6"   Judging will be from 12:30 -1:30pm   To try and give you as much room as possible for your boat design we are doing the judging from the bow end of the boat.   Mast's or constructions above chest height will need to be dismantled at 1:30pm to give people behind you the chance to see the stage. This will be determined on your position within the street party. If you were present at the Royal Wedding Street Party last year, you will remember it was quite windy, so bare that in mind if your creating a mast within your boat design, you might consider using a mesh for your mast rather than cloth.   The idea is to have fun!!! I know the preparatins are as enjoyable as the main day.  I will be converting the inside of the pub to look like a fishing boat so If you have any props that I may be able to use I would be really grateful. - Andrew, Admiral of the Fleet
A GREAT thank you to all the volunteers who turned up to help me paint the pub for the Diamond Jubilee and making the pub look shipshape. With all twelve volunteers, the tea urn on and bacon butty's at the ready we completed it in less than 4 hours
The Kibworth Improvement Team (KiT) we have entered a team (KiT Coach) to  raise money for the Kibworth 2012 Relay for Life. Part of the ticket money will  be going to the charity and on the night we will be holding a raffle and ‘open  the box’ to help raise a bit extra.Tickets are available at the Coach & Horses.  Come along and also meet up with others who may have booked a mooring for  the Kibworth Regatta. Anyone who would like to join (KiT Coach) and become a team member please  let me know. It's for a great cause and costs £15.00 to join a team and get your  team t-shirt. This money also covers for insurance on the weekend of 7th July  2012. Click the poster to find out more.
Ahoy me Shipmates!  Come and see one the biggest creation's  Kibworth has ever seen!  The creation of HMS COACH & HORSES in  celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee -  Kibworth Regatta 3rd June. I have been working on this project since October last year and I have been overwhelmed by the support  that I have received from my customers and the community of Kibworth. I have been overwhelmed by the  effort and energy they have all given, the 100's of voluntary hours that has gone into this project has been  extraordinary. It's a BIG thank you to them all and those in Kibworth Improvement Team (KiT). "There's no i  in Team"  Kibworth is one special place and I am honoured to be part of it. This year is a year that we all need to push  the boat out and where possible forget the austerity measures and hardship and enjoy LIFE!   Let's celebrate this GREAT country. There's a full calendar this year and it starts with  the Queens Diamond  Jubilee, the Olympic Torch that is going past the pub on Monday 2nd July, the UEFA EURO football  tournament, the Olympics, the Para Olympics, my 25th wedding anniversary and to top it all my 50th  birthday. This is truly a year to celebrate!!!    Don't forget next week is our Pre-Launch Jubilee Bash in aid of Relay for Life - Cancer Research. See below.  Andrew  (Admiral of the Fleet)
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Pub Turns into Ship for Queen’s Regatta Jubilee Celebrations Andrew Southerden, landlord at the Coach & Horses, Kibworth has gone overboard with his Diamond Jubilee celebrations by turning his pub into a ship (HMS Coach & Horses). Since last October he's had a large section of his locals working towards the transformation, which sports funnels, life rafts, illuminated portholes and a bow, weighs in at 210 tonnes, measures 75' by 40' and has involved hundreds of hours of work by his locals and other friends from the village. Completed today, it stands in a dry dock and awaits its launch on June 3 by broadcaster and historian Michael Wood, when it will join thousands of boats across Britain in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Andrew is hosting a massive Kibworth Regatta Street Party (expectingover 2000 people) outside the Ship, with live music, best built boat competition and a nautical fancy‐=dress contest. We are this weekend have a Pre‐=Launch Kibworth Regatta – Jubilee Bash. Saturday 19th May 8pm