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Kibworth Theatre

Kibworth Theatre
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The Kibworth Theater is believed to have been situated on the turnpike road in Main Street, Kibworth Harcourt in the 18th and 19th centuries. The exact location has not been confirmed but is believed to have been to the rear of 25 Main Street.

Kibworth theatre billThis location would have been convenient to entertain passengers taking a rest break when journeying through the village on the many coached travelling along the turnpike route. Indeed travelling theatre players would also have used the coaches and taken advantage of the theatre to perform plays. In addition, local residents, particularly from the Dissenting Academy and the Grammar School in Kibworth Beauchamp, may well have been patrons of the theatre.

Attendance was not cheap, the poster for the plays ‘RICHARD 111 Or, The Battle of Bofworth Field’ and ‘The Agreeable Surfrise’ performed on October 1st 1790 showed prices at 2s for the Pit and 1s for the Gallery. It is possible that these prices would have been unaffordable for many local residents.  

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