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1 Coach & Horses Inn START 2 Raitha’s Restaurant (formerly Rose & Crown) 3 Main Street 4 10 Main Street 5 15 Main Street 6 16 - 18 Main Street 7 The Barn at rear of 25 Main Street 8 20 Main Street 9 24 & 31 Main Street 10 28 Main Street 11 Harcourt Terrace 12 The Munt (Kibworth Castle) 13 Turnpike Route 14 51-53 Leicester Road 15 Paddocks Farm 16 Congregational Chapel 17 The Manse 18 The Limes 19 Priory Farm 20 Boboli Restaurant - (formerly Three Horse Shoes) 21 Manor Farmhouse 22 78 Main Street 23 The Slang 24 Cross Pump 25 Jubilee Green 26 The Village Cross 27 The Old House 28 The Old Barn 29 Joiners Cottage 30 The City 31 Kibworth Harcourt Windmill 32 Former Land Army Hostel 33 Former Harcourt House 34 Rector’s Plantation 35 Lychgate & Cemetery
Welcome to the historic village of Kibworth Harcourt. In 1235-36 Richard de Harcourt held land in Kibworth from the Earl of Warwick, and it is probable that the manor was named Kibworth Harcourt after him. The manor was later held by Saer de Harcourt, the younger son of Richard, and finally passed to Walter de Merton, Bishop of Rochester, in 1270. He gave it to further endow the foundation of Merton College, Oxford which still holds the manorial rights to this day and also a unique archive about social life from the 13th century to the present day. Excavations in and around Harcourt have provided indications that a farming and trading community was in existence here right back to the time of the Roman occupation. To this day, farming is still very much in evidence. As befits an ancient agricultural village on a busy coaching route, there were many inns or alehouses in the 18th century, but none have survived as public houses to the present day. The central part of Harcourt village has around seventeen listed buildings and enjoys Conservation Area status. There are a number of fire insurance plaques affixed to buildings – a relic of the days when insurance companies funded fire brigades and fire fighters would only deal with fires at properties insured with their own insurance company. See if you can spot some of them as you follow the trail. The full route takes about 1½ hours to complete.
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Kibworth Harcourt Trail
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