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Kibworth Beauchamp Trail
1 Coach & Horses Inn START 2 Grey House, Church Road 3 30 Church Road 4 St Wilfrid’s Church 5 The Villas 6 Station Hollow 7 Former Railway station (Isabel Lane) 8 The Pharmacy 9 The Railway Arms 10 Village Hall 11 Stuart Court 12 Old School Surgery 13 Former Infants’ School, Paget Street 14 The Bank 15 33 High Street 16 The Manor House, 30 High Street 17 Cross Bank House, 14 High Street 18 Lantern House, 4 High Street 19 Former Gas Works 20 Thatched Cottage, Weir Road 21 Barrack Yard 22 Tudor Cottage 23 Smeeton Road 24 Smeeton Court 25 Clock Tower 26 36 High Street 27 Mud Wall 28 St Wilfrid’s Hall 29 Methodist Chapel, School Road 30 Kibworth Grammar School Hall 31 Old Grammar School 32 Former Railway Sidings 33 Ridge & Furrow 34 Little Lebanon 35 Navvies Row, Leicester Road
The name Beauchamp is derived from the de Beauchamp family who held the Manor here and also the office of Chief Panteler (banner carrier, dresser, butler) to the King in the 13th century. In the 17th Century the Manor passed into the hands of the Halford family. Subsequently the village did not stay in single ownership and this made it possible for entrepreneurs to develop areas of land. This allowed small industries to become established, giving Kibworth Beauchamp a very different character from its sister village. The main industry was framework knitting which developed from a cottage industry to small workshops and finally, by the beginning of the 20th Century, to several factories, the largest of which employed over 400 people. The full route takes about 1½ hours to complete.
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